Taste It!

Our fresh baked artisan bread is incredible!

We give special attention to the ingredients and the process to make a fabulous loaf of bread. Each loaf is handmade, and with the slow fermentation process, it provides a wonderful rich flavor and texture. It also becomes easier for our bodies to digest. Even gluten-sensitive people are often fine with our bread.

It slices easily without crumbling and freezes well. Pop it in a warm oven to get that fresh-baked-bread-out-of-the-oven experience. This delicious bread has a nice brown crust while keeping the inside soft and tender.

Bread has been around for centuries. No chemicals were added to the breads baked by our forefathers mentioned throughout the Bible, and none are added to our artisan bread either. Our Artisan Bread is set apart from the soft, preservative-laden commercial breads. Health is important to us!

So, go on… Taste it!

Ava Bread, LLC

Voted Best By 417 Magazine

Justin Napper